Meet The Founder

Proudly started off in 2019 by Chemere Mathis after a hobby turned into a passion, Kulture Kreations & Company is a constantly evolving innovative brand dedicated to bringing the best to all our customers. This story is of a founder who found a passion in handcrafted products aiding people to achieve peace, instill good moods, and enhance positive vibes. Creating products gave a sense of relief from the stress and worries of the world while allowing full creativity to flow free of distractions. From being stressed out to fully calm.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper resources especially in these uncertain COVID-19 times, businesses keep failing to reach their goals due to a shortage of supplies, mainly packaging. Hence, based on my Master’s degree in packaging and professional expertise, I decided to extend my services and uplift small businesses by delivering them innovative, convenient, and affordable packaging solutions in order to direct them towards paths leading to uninterrupted operation.